Attending Bible Studies

Attending Bible studies is first and foremost the best way in answering the call to prepare.

We know well the story of Moses, who spent 40 years on the back side of the desert before God sent him down to Egypt to free His people.

Moses was in preparation for the call of God. A preacher must know and understand the biblical story of God's salvation history.

And the best way to do that is to study Scripture, all 66 books under a good teacher.

This allows the associate to ask biblical questions in a setting where the Spirit of God is working in the heart of the teacher and students.

In some settings where the Bible is being taught the teacher presupposes that some aspects of the Bible are just not true. Maybe they don't believe that the miracles are true, or maybe they believe that Jesus was just a man.

What I'm trying to say is that some teachers will be fundamentally flawed. The student must always, always, always stay attuned to what Spirit of God saying in your heart.

The problem of saints being fundamentally flawed in some way is usually found in higher academic circles. However, unbelief can be and will be found in every arena.

While attending Bible study go as deep as you can, ask as many questions as arise in your mind. The deeper you study the faster you understand what God has revealed.

Year after year as you continue to study God’s word new revelations will be granted you as you grow.

Scripture never failed, never lets you down, never quits on you as long as you maintain faith in what God is showing you.

Most bible teachers will the using their own study materials and there are a plethora materials courses and materials on the market. Stick with whatever your class is using.

As you attend bible studies over the years you will become familiar with the many study tools. I would like to recommend Kay Arthur’s “How to Study Your Bible”; Precept upon Precept for your personal study. Arthur uses the inductive approach to bible study.

Every student ought to own a good Study Bible, Bible Dictionary and Bible Concordance. Initially, use a study bible that will comfortably allow you understand God’s Word.

As you growth purchase a more advanced and detailed study bible that will give you depth. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; With Greek and Hebrew Dictionary is excellent. There are many good bible dictionaries in the marketplace choose one you like.

The Lord will be speaking to you a various times in theses bible classes so a good habit to develop is to carry a micro cassette tape recorder and record these sermon promptings.

Attending bible studies has always been a great place to develop life long Christian family and friends.

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