Ya'll Gonna Pray With Me

Does the Bible teach science?

It is not a scientific textbook, nor was it written to teach science, but religion.

The discrepancies between the story of creation as given in the Bible and that given by the scientists are very much such as we should find in two descriptions of a great battle, if one of them was written by a clergyman who knew nothing of military tactics, and the other by a military expert who knew nothing of religion.

The important fact for us---the fact that is of more momentous interest than all the discovers of science--is that God made the universe.

For this knowledge we are not indebted to science, which has not yet attained it, but we do get it from the Bible.

A person who wants to know the latest discoveries of science as to geology and astronomy, should study the recent books of science; but if he wants to know the way to God and eternal happiness, he should go to the Bible. Each has its own sphere.



Sometimes you have to get the message across as best we can. Try this for those who can't understand the King James Version

1. I'm God. Don't play me. (I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any other gods before me.)

2. Don't be makin no hood ornaments and charms outta me, or like me. (Thou shalt not have any graven images)

3. Don't be callin' me for no reason (Thou shalt not use the name of the Lord thy God in vain)

4.Y'all betta be in church on Sunday, and not just the Sunday when it's Mother's day, Easter and Christmas (Remember to keep the Sabbath day Holy)

5. Don't dis or cuss out yo momma...and if you know who ya daddy is, don't dis him either (Honor thy father and mother)

6.Don't be goin'on drive bys (Thou shalt not kill)

7. Stick to ya own Boo. (Thou shalt not commit adultery)

8. Don't be borrow'n stuff and don't give it back (Thou shalt not steal)

9. Don't be snitchin'on the otha' man to save your behind (Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy brother)

10. Don't be eyein' (skeeming) yo homie's crib, ride, woman, or nuffin (Thou shalt not covet anything that belongs to thy brother) Exodus 20:1-17

Now behave....I don't want to have to flood the joint again!!!


Youth Sunday CMBC November 11, 2012

Amoni's Notes Youth Sunday CMBC

November 11, 2012

First Service Preacher: Pastor Jackson

Scripture: John 6:35

Title: Food That Satisfies

1. Jesus is the only one who can satisfy your life.

2. When Jesus I am the bread of life what he really means is that he is all you need.

3. If life is going to work for us we must know that God's schedule comes first.

4. Blessing means to be fully satisfied.

5. The problem is that we are craving after carbs instead of craving after Christ.

6. We are craving after everything besides God.

7. Jesus is the only one that can satisfy you.

8. Jesus said I am the bread of life life,he who comes to me I will satisfy.

9. If you are lost come to Jesus.

10. If you are broken keep coming to Jesus.

11. In the morning come to Jesus.

12. In the midday keep coming to Jesus.

13. Jesus said,the ones who keep coming to me will never hunger because I can satisfy your hunger.

14. You can satisfy your hunger if you keep coming to Jesus.

15. Jesus is only good to you when you apply him in our life.

16. He who believes in me shall never thirst.

17. Believe means to have faith in God no matter who he is and what he has done.

18. Jesus said if you keep coming to me and you believe who I am and if you believe what I have said I will quench your thirst.

19. If you just drop in his arms he will take care of you.

20. If you've got some craziness going on in your house don't trip just drop in his arms.

21. Jesus is the food that satisfies you.

22. What Jesus wants from you most is a relationship.

Lessons from Amoni!

A child is known by her doings!

Amoni's Notes CMBC October 14

Preacher: Pastor Actkins

Scripture: Luke 22:47-51

Service: Second

Title: Ministry Through My Struggle

1. We ignored some folk when we could have helped some folk.

2. You are so preoccupied on the hurt when the heel is right in front of you.

3. When something is going on you don't want anyone asking you questions.

4. We love to talk about the Messiah and ignore the Lord.

5. Issues don't go away when I'm going through them.

6. Have you ever noticed as soon as you get up set your child needs you or the phone rings?

7. You can't speak out of your emotion when you are in a struggle.

8. Sometimes you jut have to say no. 9. There is a hook up for everything.

10. You can't accept everything because everything isn't for you.

11. Jesus but a priority on people.

12. What if the only time a person is available is when you aren't feeling like answering the phone.

13. When trouble comes at home we stay home.

14. Jesus still had power through all the stuff he was experiencing.

15. No matter what you are going through you still have power.

16. Everything we go through has a purpose.

17. Everybody wants to be Jesus but we don't want to go through the resurrection.

18. He ministered directly to his need.

19. God had a need and Jesus took care of the need in a time of weakness.

20. Sometime just being there is all that matters.

21. When you tell a story you leave certain parts out because of a persons character.

22. We are followers of Jesus.

Miss Amoni N. Kittling is a 11 year old 6th grader who attends Cannan Missionary Baptist Church.

Miss Amoni is listening!

Walking down Pastor Pleasant's Street!

Amoni's Notes CMBC October 14

Preacher: Pastor Pleasant

Service: First

Title: A man that loses but wins

Scripture: Geniuses 32:22- 32

1. We live in a world were winning is everything.

2. Nobody likes to lose.

3. Losers are talked about.

4. Well if you don't run you cannot win.

5. The only way you can win with God you must lose to God.

6. You are just running from God.

7. The greatest battle ever won was not in public but in private.

8. You can not know the Lord unless you spend some time alone with him.

9. How much time alone do you spend with the Lord?

10. Tell my mother it's not the gift what I want it's her I want.

11. It's not your gift God wants from you he just wants you.

12. God is such a master at life.

13. God may have to cripple you to master you.

14. God ain't got to kill you to cripple you.

15. Jacob says, I will not let you go until you bless me.

16. Jacob didn't have God, God had Jacob.

17. God said, Jacob I will bless you if you put me first.

18. You have to surrender your will to him.

19. When God asked Jacob his name he just wanted to see if he knew who he was.

20. God can make you into anything he wants you to be.

21. We ought to thank God that he can change you.

22. He touched me and made my life whole.

Do you hear what I hear?

Sometimes it takes a child to help us see what's really possible in worship.

There are times when the preacher wonders if the message he is preaching (Ya’ll goanna pray with me) is falling on deaf ears or just going over the heads of the congregation.

Unsolicited by her parents or grandparents, Miss Amoni N. Kittling listened intently and this is what she heard and wrote during several Sunday morning services:

Amoni's Notes CMBC October 7

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

Preacher: Min. Jackson

1. My problem is, where am I going?

2. What is the value of the leader?

3. Recognize that your leader is over you.

4. You can not and will not live life on your own.

5. Without a Shepard sheep will die, without a pastor people will perish.

6. Paul says you must recognize your leader and honor him because of his value.

7. When you are asleep your leader is working for you.

8. When you are sick your leader is working for you.

9. When you are in trouble your leader is working for you.

10. Tell him how he is making a difference on your life.

11. The pastor works for the Lord and hi work is for the work of God.

12. His work is the church.

13. You do know that love is to be expressed.

14. Even a child knows that love must be expressed.

15. Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along."

16. We should lineup behind God that can protect our spiritual lives.

17. We must learn how to submit to the Lord.

18. Obedience is for your protection.

19. His name is Jesus Christ.

20. If he got up we can get up.

21. How do I know he loves?

22. He lives within my heart.

Miss Amoni N. Kittling is a 11 year old 6th grader who attends Cannan Missionary Baptist Church.

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