Internal Evidence

Internal evidence or assurance of the call of God initially is a matter of faith.

Many believers, called to preach, are searching for “the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen”. In other words, they are looking for some kind of proof or confirmation that God has called them.

The Bible is replete with men of old who were not sure that God was calling them, so they design different kinds of tests to be assured that God was calling their name. To understand the external call of God click here.

However, you can be assured that sooner or later, if the Lord has called you, you will come to know it. One may not have the experience of a burning bush as Moses did, but whatever it takes for God to reach you he knows how to get the job done.

We as believers must sensitize our hearing to the spirit and the circumstances around us. Searching and understanding The Word of God is fundamental if you are to stand upon what God has communicated.

Internal evidence or assurance of the call of God initially is a matter of faith. As many saints as I have ever heard talk about their call into the preaching ministry none have ever been identical. So we may not know with certainty in the beginning that God has called us to preach.

However, as we proceed to follow the voice we hear there will be guidance each step along the way. In the contemporary church of these last days, whether on not women have been called to preach has become an uncomfortable issue.

It's uncomfortable for men, women and preachers, as well as the church at large. So I will address some of the basic principles abounding here.

First, it is abundantly clear that from Scripture, God has designed a world fashioned in a way where man is in the primary position of leadership. From the very beginning man was considered to be the head by God, in terms of authority upon the earth.

Certainly the sin of Adam changed the spiritual and existential condition of all human beings and the world. The woman God created from man is a part of man's spiritual and existential reality.

God did not create her as a second class person, but the completion of two who are one. With these fundamentals in mind, we understand that God delegated the roles and responsibilities of His creation.

We see these biblical facts in the creation before the fall as well as after the fall. It is axiomatic that when The God of creation decrees, permits, or designs a course of action it cannot be altered, or banded about as though it was a play thing.

We can only try to understand what God's plan is about. From the time of creation until now, women have always played a major role in what God was doing. For example, study the genealogy of Jesus Christ with a view to understand the importance of women.

Women’s roles were major in bringing about salvation history, only the Sovereign God can make that determination. From time to time we see the women in the Old Testament being used of God to accomplish His decretive will.

So, there should be no controversy over women who preach if The Sovereign God decrees or permits it. How shall they preach, unless they be sent? If a great many more women are preaching than men or the church thinks should be preaching that's not a problem from The Sovereign God.

Let Women Preach! The God, who knows all things can handle it, we mere men can only mess it up. For now do we see through a glass dimly? Now if you are saying, “this is simply not a complete study and analysis of women in the ministry”…. you are right…we need to study scripture more and pray …then let’s talk about it. Please accept my invitation below and tell us what you believe the Bible teaches.

For Internal Evidence—“Look Within” The Holy Spirit is speaking!

The Lord gives his ministers an unequal hunger and desire to know him. You just can't seem to get enough of his teaching. You're always imagining how you can share this knowledge of the Lord with someone else.

Sometimes there is a special attraction certain of biblical knowledge. For example, one might say, ”I don't know why I have this thirst for the Greek language or the Hebrew language seems to come to me naturally”. Others can stand and speak on Biblical topics with little or no preparation.

It is really difficult to see or understand what the Lord is doing in your life until you start to look back at what he has already done.

Just remember, that all things are possible to him that believes. Faith will forever be the foundation of our trust and hope in God.

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Does the bible allow women to preach in the church?

what do you believe the bible teaches? Share it!

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