Powerful Greek Words

Every preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ought to have at their fingertips knowledge of the most powerful Greek words we come in contact with as we carry out the great commission of The Lord.

1.   Qeovs (theh-OSS) Theos—The word used for God (can also be used for false gods, see Acts & Galatians)


2.   Pathvr (pah-Tear) Pater--- The word means Father, we usually think of God the Father.


3.   Kuvrios (Koor-ee-oss) Kurios---The word means “lord” or “master,” it could be referring to almost any authority.


4.   jIsous  (Ee-ay-soos) Iesous--- It is the Greek way of saying, Jesus; His names reflects His earthly ministry and His eternal saving power.


5.   Crstovs (Cree-Soss) Christos---means “savior” or “deliverer”; this word is equivalent to the Hebrew word “Messiah.”


6.   Pneuma (New-ma) Pheuma--- Translated “spirit” and can also mean “wind” or “breath”—we get our English word pneumonia.


7.   Kovsmos (KOSS-moss) Kosmos---In general this word usually means the planet Earth and everything in it---remotely it is used to mean the entire universe (Cosmos).


8.   jAUUelos (ON-geh-loss) Angelos--- Means “angel” or “messenger”—note* it can also be translated “demon” when referring to the fallen angels of Satan.


9.   [Anqrwpos (AN-throw-poss) Anthropos---Means “man” or “mankind” (anthropology).

10///.    Amartiva (ha-mar-TEE-ah) Hamartia---The Greek word meaning “sin” or anything associated with sin.


11.   Qavnatos (THA-nah-toss) Thanatos---Means “death”-a literal or spiritual meaning.


12.   jAUavph (ah-GAH-pay) Agape---This word did not exist before the New Testament; it means “love”; it is the type of love that comes from God.

13.   Ai\ma (Hay-mah) Haima--- It means “blood.” There has always been attached to blood a deep meaning; physical blood, sacrifices, atoning blood of Jesus.


14.   Diaqhvkth (dee-ah-THAY-kay) Diatheke--- The words means “contract,” “testament” or “covenant.” The two parts of the Bible: Old Diatheke, New Diatheke.


15.   Grafhv (gra-FAY) Graphe---Means “writing” (autograph, photograph, graphic) ---Scriptures are God’s graph.


16.   Swthriva (so-tay-REE-ah) Soteria---Means “salvation”---to keep or prevent someone from being harmed (soteriology).


17.   EuvaUUevlion (yoo-on-GELL-ee-on) Euangelion---The word means “gospel” or “good news”—God’s good news to mankind; (“evangelize” or “evangelist”).


18.   Pivstis (PEACE-teace) Pistis---Means “faith” or “faithful” or “trust”—Pistis is indispensable when trying to acquire God’s favor (Hebrews 11:6).


19.   Proseuvcomai (pros-YOO-kah-my) Proseuchomai--- Means “to pray.”


20.   Nikavw (nee-kah-oh) Nikao--- Means “to overcome,” “to be victorious” (interestingly enough it where “Nike” get its name nikao).


21.   Ekklhsiva (ek-clay-SEE-ah) Ekklesia---Mean “assembly,” “congregation” or church”—ekklesia literally means the “called out.”


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